Drywall repair by Straight Edge Painting serving Yorktown and Williamsburg
Drywall Repair by Straight Edge Painting
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Drywall Repair

Straight Edge Painting is a drywall repair contractor serving the Williamsburg and Yorktown area of Virginia.   Our drywall team will make drywall repairs happen fast to fill nail holes, patch dents from an accident, and make water-damaged drywall go away. No matter how big the damage is, our Straight Edge team has the tools and experience to make it look brand new again. It also doesn’t matter where the damage is or the type of material which could be drywall and plaster. We can get a technician to patch a hole on wall areas or complete hole patching in your ceiling.  Once our contractors complete your drywall repair, we have a perfect base for our top-ranked painters.

Painting Prep is the key to a quality paint job by Straight Edge Painting

We Patching holes of all shapes and sizes

Although drywall repairs are not for the faint-hearted, our professional team has seen it all. And we know all too well that the real repair begins by assessing the damaged area before any job is lifted off the ground. Straight Edge will ensure to corner off the repair area and remove any unwanted debris that may pose a safety hazard. Next, we sand and then we apply the patch.  Need a paint job as well? Look no further we specialize in exterior and interior painting as well.

The Right Type of Patch

There are lots of different varieties of drywall that can be used for a variety of applications for both commercial and residential drywall work in Hampton Roads area, so we help you navigate all the options even down to things like choosing the right paint color after the drywall is finished. Call today to get a free quote and to get your drywall installation or repair in our schedule.

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